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Writing about Thai restaurants is hard. Since I first had Thai food on a family vacation to San Diego (Red Lamp District, got my parents to try something other than Chinese food and enjoy it, small victory) each visit to my favorite Thai restaurants in Las Vegas and Reno were highly anticipated events. In Las Vegas, Archii’s was the best, even after they expanded their tiny 15 seat restaurant business and opened up a huge, trendy Bistro … ridiculously close to my house (score). To this day I have never had better Thai iced tea anywhere. When I moved to Reno, Bangkok Cuisine did the impossible and pushed me out of my (luscious) Pad Thai comfort zone into the realm of (heavenly) Spicy Basil Noodles (which I have never seen anywhere else).

The night I went to Bahn Thai I realized that the part of me that couldn’t wait until my next visit to a Thai restaurant had died. I hadn’t been to a Thai restaurant in Madison for at least 1.5 years. We experimented with a few places when we first moved here but none of them were very good. Sai-Bai Thong was the top dog Thai place when we moved here. I have never seen more flies in one restaurant. It was disgusting. And the food sucked ass. As for the other places we tried, for some incomprehensible reason a lot of the top-ranked places here seen to think that ketchup is a quintessential ingredient in Pad Thai.

When your Pad-Thai comes out ketchup colored, not tamarind colored, run. Run for your culinary principles.

But Bahn Thai was actually OK. Yes, the Pad-Thai was too-bright orange, but it hit all the right sweet-salty-tangy spots. The curry was the usual Wisconsin rendition of homogeneous sauce plus pre-cooked incredibly unappetizing chips of chicken breast, but the flavor of the curry (why did I even ask for chicken in it? Haven’t I learned anything by now?) was OK. It wasn’t like some places around here where the curry just tastes like unseasoned peanut goo.

What am I even saying. If I still lived in Las Vegas I would never go to this place again. But so far it’s the best Pad-Thai I’ve had in Madison.

Verdict: Tolerable! Best Pad Thai in Madison!