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About a year ago we heard that there is this Italian restaurant called Biaggi’s that’s pretty good, so we drove over there to check it out. We didn’t make it, because as we were turning in to the parking lot of Biaggi’s, Schmoops looked out the window and said:

“Is that … a … CAPRIOTTI’S???!!!”

And we spent the next couple of days walking around in a blissful state, thinking to ourselves (and saying to each other) “Maybe living in Madison will be tolerable after all … ” Needless to say, we did not go to Biaggi’s that night. In fact it took two more attempts to go to Biaggi’s before we actually ended up at Biaggi’s instead of Capriotti’s. And then they turned us away because the place was reserved for a high school prom night. And when we finally ate there, it wasn’t very good.

It seems like every time I visit the Capriotti’s website to check the phone number for our local shop, they have opened a new location somewhere, and I cheer. The quality and craftsmanship of a Capriotti’s sub is unparalleled. They have a miraculous recipe for bread that they give to local bakeries (for Madison, the well-respected Chasen’s Bakery) so that their bread is always fresh, with a divine soft texture and buttery flavor. The meats and veggies are always fresh, and their sweet peppers …

Sweeeeeeet Peeeeeepppppeeeerrrsssss …

If I could, I would buy jars of them and eat them. I would never be without them. Also, their mayo is the best mayo in the world. Or maybe it’s just the combination of their mayo on their bread.

Oddly, our favorite sandwich used to be the Capacolla back in Las Vegas, but the capacolla ham here in Madison isn’t nearly as delicious, so now we get the Italian and the Slaw-be-Jo. Their cheese steaks smell heavenly. The meatball is just so-so. I should probably try their signature sandwich, The Bobbie, sometime, but I don’t really enjoy turkey or cranberry sauce, so … maybe someday.


Verdict: Go to Capriotti’s. Live in Capriotti’s. Live on Capriotti’s.