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After failing to discourage Certain August Personages from visiting us here in Madison because I feared they would be extremely bored, I resigned myself to looking around for things to do. These couple of weeks around early August are an awkward lull sandwiched between the glories of the summer strawberry and fall raspberry/apple season.

But after poking around for a bit, lo and behold, there was one local place open for just one day, for just two hours, for raspberry picking during their stay! Obviously, this was a sign that we had to go there. And, despite the hordes of bees competing with us for luscious deep red raspberries, we managed to emerge with our skins intact and four pints of berries to boot.

Schmoops gave up picking after about five minutes, having acquired a grand total of seven raspberries, and just followed me around holding the container for me, and speculating as to whether those bees had stingers or not.

In addition to raspberries, they grow about 80 different types of apples, most of which I have never heard of but have great names like “Sops-of-Wine”, a small amount of pears including the elusive honeysuckle pear, and have a really cute dog.