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Schmoops and I were heading to Buraka for some Ethiopian Food, but since Fugu is only a block away from there we got sucked in by the Fugravity. I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to visit other restaurants on State Street again at this rate.

Anyway, every time we walk past Madison Sweets on the way to Fugu I solemnly swear that I’ll hit it on the way back. Then we order too much and leave too full. This time I resolutely made room. It wasn’t hard since the really pitched battle of the evening was fighting Schmoops for the last delectable spicy string bean. For any string beans, even. At any rate we finally went into the bakery on the way back to the car, and after much deliberation, selected a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

There’s more than one reason why we’ve never entered the premises before, actually. First of all the interior doesn’t look inviting at all. The lighting is dim and yellowy even though they are a relatively new establishment, so presumably they designed it thus. Gives the place a slightly antique, mostly dingy look. Also, their cupcake display case is usually pretty sparse when we pass by in the evening (as it should be, of course). They have many flavors on their website, but probably due to spatial constraints and audience constraints, the flavors in the case are usually uninteresting.

That said, I found the red velvet cake to be pleasantly dense and moist, with good cocoa flavor. The fact that it was slightly chilled actually made it better. The cream cheese frosting was flat and would have greatly benefited from some lemon to perk it up. I was amused at the decision to decorate the red velvet with a small dollop of cream cheese frosting while the chocolate cake received a towering, soft-serve sized swirl of cappuccino frosting. Clearly there is some cost analysis going on here, and two tablespoons of cream cheese is roughly equal to half a cup of cappuccino frosting. Neither amount makes any sense to me as I despise bites of cake without frosting and bites of frosting without cake in equal measure.

But if there’s one thing that really puts me off of this place, it’s this:

The Favorite

No need to head to “The City”! Tender yellow cake topped with ruffles of light, smooth buttercream frosting, dusted with sparkling sugar, Ms Bradshaw would surely approve!

I don’t know what to say about a place that can’t nominate anything more interesting than yellow cake with buttercream to be THE FAVORITE. Call it the regular, even the classic, but don’t call it the favorite, that’s just sad.

At least they don’t charge four dollars a cupcake like Molly’s in Chicago, one time winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. But then again, a Molly’s cupcake is about twice the size as these so the price per weight is about the same. I can’t really get too excited about cupcakes, but if you’re not a crazy person like myself who will boycott an establishment simply because their choice of favorite demonstrates vapidity, this place is passable.


Verdict: Room for improvement.