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We went here for Chinese New Year because we decided that, at some point, we had to TRY to find somewhere besides Fugu for Chinese food.

This place was promising because they have pig’s ear on the menu. Along with some other stuff you don’t usually see in the extremely Americanized places, such as Mei Cai Kou Rou. After waffling a bit I decided to go with the red cooked pork, even though I do love mei cai kou rou. We also got our standard veggie dish, green beans.

The pig’s ear was a bit on the spicy side for a cold salad dish and slightly over salted, but still good. The red cooked pork needed another hour or so of braising, even if the flavor was good. Unfortunately they don’t give you any of the braising liquid in your dish, which is the best part, and utterly delectable over rice. The best part of the meal was the green beans, which were sauteed with an incredibly tasty mixture of ground pork and red chilies that Schmoops dubbed “Pork Candy”. The green beans themselves were not at the apex of textural perfection often attained by the chefs at Fugu, but still damned good.

I would definitely visit Orient House again to try their mei cai kou rou and to get another round of pork candy.

Verdict: Tasty.