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If I didn’t know any better I would think this was the name of a Chinese bakery. That was a not very funny in joke for Chinese people.

I wish there were a Chinese bakery in Madison. I miss my pineapple buns and dried pork buns and cha shao bao and uniquely Chinese cheesecake blackforest cake taro cake chestnut cake…

Where was I? Ok so I have this malady where whenever I see a doughnut on television, in a movie, in a picture, I automatically crave a doughnut. While I am having this craving, I invariably think about how odd it is that I continue to have this reaction to doughnut imagery, because the few times that I have immediately gone forth to satisfy this craving, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DISAPPOINTED. Doughnuts always look infinitely appetizing to me up until the moment I actually bite into one, whereupon I become immensely depressed by the reality.

At least, that was the case until The Schmoops saw a review of People’s Bakery somewhere. I still remember the fateful day we drove from our apartment on the west side of Madison to the east to visit this small store. Since then I have not eaten, nor do I plan to eat, a single doughnut from anywhere else. This place was one of the reasons I picked our new apartment on the east side. Each time I bite into a perfectly sweetened, chewy yet tender chocolate glazed marvel, I bless the couple that operates People’s Bakery. Once after she told me how much my clutch of treats would cost me, I told her “That’s too little to pay for something so good.”

You don’t know me. This is the equivalent of streaking and shouting at the top of my lungs.

Of particular note: raspberry danish, chocolate glazed doughnuts, chocolate croissants. Who wants to pay upwards of $3 for a traditional French pain au chocolat with a meager smattering of chocolate in the middle when you can have a People’s Bakery rendition, 70% rich chocolate filling by weight, for $1.60?

Verdict: Why aren’t you there yet?