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For our birthday dinner we decided to spare ourselves the sorrow of trying yet another mediocre Madison upscale restaurant, and just went to get sushi. The restaurant looks a lot nicer than the website. We had chirashi, some of the signature rolls, and beek sukiyaki.

The chirashi salad was good, but was definitely composed of more salad than chirashi. It was dressed with a salty-spicy sauce which was quite pleasant and complemented the fish (what there was of it) well. The beef sukiyaki was sickeningly sweet. It was also done in the simmered, soupy style of sukiyaki. We far prefer the grilled style, since the beef is more flavorful that way. The dish was begging for something tangy and pickled, and eating more than a few bites causes nausea (speaking from experience).

The signature rolls had their ups and downs. A definite down was the Dynamite roll, which was utterly bland and one-note. My favorite was the Dragon roll, which came topped with four different colorful types of roe. There wasn’t much difference between the black, orange, and crimson roe, but the green roe had a very pleasant wasabi flavor to it. I thought it was very creative and appetizing looking, Schmoops claims the Dragon roll had a weird aftertaste. The Angel roll was just so-so.

The problem with most of the rolls is that they are almost all filled with ingredients with a mushy texture, so if you are not careful in ordering (like myself), you’ll end up with a selection that looks varied on the outside but is filled with all the same stuff on the inside. Spicy tuna, crab, cream cheese, mayo, avocado … The Candy Roll doesn’t even have any rice in it, just all of the fatty mushy ingredients you can think of wrapped together and fried. The equivalent of fried bacon mac cheese wedges, in a Japanese context. Unbelievable.

Verdict: If I desperately need a sushi fix I *might* go here.