Yesterday I had this ridiculously delicious Duck Gumbo from one of the Library Mall Food Carts, called The Bayou. Info on the actual restaurant The Bayou … will be posted when I write my review of it, after I go there, after I call ahead to make sure they will be making the Duck Gumbo, because I am going to order at least two bowls of the miraculous stuff.

I tell you, I have discovered the True Meaning of Gumbo. It is to make you happy.

I think that a tour around the carts is enough to get anybody’s stomach rumbling, because it’s kind of like a food court but with nothing but tasty and restaurant quality foods. Even the sandwich carts are all upscale, what’s with that. The variety of foods represented is excellent. There’s usually a Costa Rican/Mexican stand of some sort, sandwiches, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Ethiopian, Vegan, drinks, etc.

I was planning on buying from at least 3 carts but Schmoops in his infinite wisdom knows how much I can ACTUALLY stuff in my body so we only got one Po’Boy and a cup of gumbo (and yes I was full after that, blast him). Should have bought two bowls of gumbo …