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I like browsing through unique local food shops. I spent some time in here the other day and Ooooohhhed and Aaaaaahhhed at the Door County cherries and donut peaches (the only peach in America that even comes close to the divinity of China’s WuXi Honey Peaches), the maple cashew butter and artisanal cheeses.

Notice how I said browsing. I don’t buy much at these places. It doesn’t take much to give me sticker shock, and while I vaguely agree with the idea of natural foods I don’t see how selling puny spindly ginger from Peru at $7 / lb accomplishes anything. I can get fat healthy looking ginger from the Asian Midway Foods market for far less, even if it isn’t as worldly or well traveled as the other ginger. Don’t even get me started on the Nutella that sells for $4.50 when you can get the same size jar from Woodman’s at $3 – $3.50. That crap isn’t even from Peru.

I did enjoy browsing through their deli section though. The aroma is almost enough to completely cancel out the fact that the food has been sitting there in the open air for a while. I was completely bowled over by how good it smelled partly because the deli sections in the other markets around town are terrible. Metcalfe’s in particular draws you in with a deli selection that runs almost the entire width of the supermarket, but most things I have tried there have been horribly flavored and executed.

Besides some veggies I bought half a pound of broccoli salad from the deli. I thought the price tag read $4.99 / lb, which my mind processed as a reasonable price for broccoli salad. It wasn’t until about 30 minutes ago when I was eating it that I realized it was not $4.99, but $9.99 / lb, which I’m sure I didn’t realize earlier because my brain was not capable of fathoming that price applied to broccoli salad.

Verdict: Too rich for my blood.