I’ve been struggling with a review for this series for about a month now. I enjoyed all of these three books so much that I couldn’t write a review that was good enough. I can’t wait until Tricked comes out in mid-April 2012. After thinking about all the other books I wrote reviews for, I decided that The Iron Druid Chronicles deserves a lot more attention than some of the others, such as Ben Aaronovitch’s two books that I reviewed previously. In terms of pure enjoyment and grippingness, they had NOTHING on Kevin Hearne’s books, yet I spent a lot of effort reviewing those. So clearly I must make this review extra extra special, to impress upon you all how great the Iron Druid books are. What sets aside Kevin Hearne’s writing from the that of the really big name fantasy writers is its exuberance. I sometimes imagine Mr. Hearne in his living room swinging a light sabre in wide arcs with accompanying “vvvvvvv-zzzzzzzz-ssssshhhhhh–!!” noises, or melodramatically dungeon mastering a D&D session, or puzzling out the rules to Cripple Mr. Onion, or other things that tell me, deep down, that he is a very cool person. Each Iron Druid novel is very short by my standards, under 300 pages, mass market paperback size. When I read them, I can practically see Mr. Hearne sitting there having so many freaking awesome ideas for epic events and jaw-dropping scenes that he tears out tufts of hair as he tries to work all the ideas into the book (but there is an infinite supply of what hair is left, just like with Homer Simpson, he never goes entirely bald, so it’s all good), but the novels are so tightly plotted with no filler or downtime at all that it’s just IMPOSSIBLE. I have to admit that Atticus O’Sullivan has deposed Harry Dresden as the Best Thing In Urban Fantasy in my heart.

Verdict: READ IT.