Yes, I did just  make this cake last week in cupcake form. But look at it. Clearly this beauty was just hovering in the ether waiting to be made. And it was frickin delicious too.

I took the chocolate frosting from this recipe, made with some high quality Via instant coffee, and paired it with Bobby Flay’s cake recipe from Throwdown: German Chocolate Cake. I was going to make the entire Throwdown recipe, but at some point just looking at the recipe made me pass out from exhaustion. It is really really good though, and if you can spare the time and effort you should try it.

You can see Schmoops’ #2 sister’s svelte figure in the background, but I decided to respect her privacy by mutilating  my photo. I couldn’t take another one since this cake was halved by the end of the evening, and gone by the next day.