Turned this recipe into cupcakes. Started out with 24 yesterday, here’s all that’s left.

No, we did not eat 21 cupcakes by ourselves. Schmoops might have done it given enough time though, I think he’s leaving me for the buttercream frosting.

The cake didn’t rise into perfect domes like my Banana Cupcakes, but the flavor was great. The texture was too fluffy for my liking, could have been denser.

What really made the cake was the excellent frosting though, and if you need a standby buttercream recipe, this should be it. It turned out a lot better and was astronomically easier (that doesn’t make sense does it) than the cook-sugar-to-soft-ball-stage buttercream recipes I’ve used in the past. The texture is very light, almost like a whipped cream, as opposed to the dense, rich stuff you’ll get from canned frostings or most bakeries, but it’s better that way in my opinion. The flavor depends in large part on using a very good quality instant coffee, such as Via from Starbucks.

I probably will not make the cake again but will use the buttercream for anything requiring chocolate and or coffee flavors.