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So, I burnt the cake. One millimeter’s width all around the bottom and edges is completely black. That’ll teach me to bake it for the proscribed amount of time instead of checking it before time ends. Aside from the edges everything else is perfect though so I dunno, could just be the vagaries of electric ovens.

I can’t wait to have money. I’ll never live in an apartment with electric stoves/ovens again. Not only are they less efficient than gas ovens, but they are just plain crappier.

Normally, I’m not that fond of plums. Ever since I took my first bite of Pluot back in Spring of ’07 at the farmer’s market in Reno, plums have become the scorned boring cousin of the stone fruit family. But see, back in Summer of ’05 The Schmoops’ mom made a memorable plum kuchen, and I haven’t had one since. And what the hell, why not make what is essentially a kuchen with streusel on top.

This was pretty good, but that’s just because you can’t mess it up. The specifics of the recipe piss me off. It says you can use either a 9″ round or square pan, does the writer not realize that there is a substantial difference in area between these two pans, with the round pan having only about 77% of the area of the square pan? Much better to specify either a 9″ round or 8″ square. I only made half the specified amount of streusel and was able to cover the entire top with no sign of plums or batter peaking through, which is all you really need. But it’s from the much mourned Gourmet Magazine, so I’ll forgive it.

Verdict: OK to pretty good.