I made this recipe yesterday:


Whenever I hear the word “ragu” I think: awesome fantastically delicious sauce of unctuous awesomeness. Plus spaghetti. Because polenta is for losers. However, whenever I think of “beef” what I’m actually thinking is: decidedly inferior to pork in every respect.

The only short rib ragu recipe I’ve ever made before now was Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe from her show on the Food Network, recipe here:


I made it occasionally, but beef short ribs are expensive, so it was only for special occasions. Then, I’d regret making it because it would invariably taste like … beef.

Let’s check out the pork vs beef scoreboard:

BEEF: Milk, hamburger, dry aged beef carpaccio.

PORK: bacon, sausages, serrano, jamon, bacon fat, pork belly, pig’s ear, pork hock, ham in general, prosciutto in particular, pancetta, cracklins, bakkwa, dried pork floss, bbq ribs, Chinese spare ribs in black bean sauce, various Asian dumplings such as xiao long bao, shen jian bao, guo tie (gyoza), xian rou bao, yu xiang rou si and it’s mutant American descendant “pork with hot garlic sauce” …


The point of this post is (surprisingly?) ragu. I made the ragu with the cheapest pork ribs I could find in the store. There are so many varieties of ribs I don’t remember what kind these were, and I don’t think it matters. It was DELICIOUS.