I posted my build on PC Part Picker (https://pcpartpicker.com/b/T6WXsY), which was pretty darn useful. Occasionally I found that the prices were not accurate, or they missed that Amazon or Newegg also had the specific part in stock which is strange. It is strange because they have up to the minute updates on combo deals and rebates … but missed other listings from really big vendors entirely. Oh well, one thing I’ve learned from being a software engineer by trade is to have sympathy for the shortcomings in people’s code while trusting that I can’t beat them up about it any harder than they are beating themselves up about it.

So anyway, I’m super happy about this build. I priced it out at some sites such as alienware, xotic, puget sound etc, and equivalent offerings are all being sold for around $1500. I built mine for $1050, including a retail (read: transferable) copy of Windows 10. One really important reason to build your own computer is the reality of compromise. I don’t think that anyone should spend $3000 on a gaming computer, so compromise is inevitable … but it has to be done my way. That means I don’t want to be forced to compromise on my choice of heatsink, only to be forced to pay extra for a ridiculously overkill power supply unit. A 1000 watt PSU when the system only needs 350? And that’s after accounting for known inefficiencies and degradation over time? Please.

This was my first mITX build and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It still looks like there is a lot of room in the case. What did I ever need all those mid-tower cases for? (I have never seen the need for dual GPUs and prefer single large harddrives instead of many small ones. I love the heatsink that I picked out, its footprint is exactly the minimum amount of area that any heatsink must take up and no more. The video card is the most beautiful I have ever seen, very elegant and refined coloring and lines instead of being gaudy like many video cards are. The whole system is so quiet I was afraid the fans weren’t spinning, but they were.

The Witcher 3 is sooooo smoooooth on this thing (with all settings on Ultra). I had to stop playing it on my laptop because it was just painfully clunky, so I’m excited to get back to it.