I was pleasantly surprised by this place, because in my experience restaurants that attempt to cook more than two different types of cuisine tend to fail hard at cooking all of them. On our visit we tried a Japanese dish (sukiyaki), a Thai Curry, and Laotian Curry Noodles (one of their signature dishes). The Panang Curry was merely OK, mostly because we don’t really like curries with too much solid stuff (chicken, pork, tofu, whatever you chose to go in there) in it — we just want tons of the delicious curry sauce to put on our rice. This curry had too much solid stuff and not enough sauce. The sukiyaki tasted … Korean. It exhibited a distinctly Korean combination of sweet, sour, savory and slightly fermented flavors. But it was very good. The Laotian curry noodles were the standout dish, although I personally would have liked noodles with more bite to them. These noodles had an overcooked-ramen-like texture.

We probably won’t be returning here soon, just because I’m really started to feel the strain of living in a huge city without a car, but it was good.

Verdict: Not bad at all.