I finally live in a city where Bahn Mi is sold again. Hurrah!

That said I have mixed feelings about this particular bahn mi shop. They have a very wide range of take away items, and if you were so inclined you can actually buy all the components that you need to make bahn mi at home here, from the bread to the pickled veggies and paté and a selection of “meats”. I say “meat” because their selection is restricted to sausagified and forced meats, and that seems to include the “meats” they use on their sandwiches. You know. The kind of meat that comes molded into a tube shape.

We tried three different sandwiches, the lemongrass pork, Vietnamese pork, and pork shrimp cake. We like pork. The sandwiches all tasted slightly alike, and it was a good thing they got my order wrong by forgetting to take the jalapenos out, because all the sandwiches really needed SOMETHING to alleviate the blandness. I paid extra on all three sandwiches for a scanty layer of tasteless paté.

Ok so maybe I don’t have mixed feelings about this place. Maybe I don’t like it at all. But at least it was cheap and had free icy water. I wish I could say I’m eager to give it another shot but I think I’ll just walk up the road and eat at Pho Lily instead. They have bahn mi too and I bet it’s better.

Verdict: So overrated.