This is my new favorite boba tea in Chicago, which is weird because it hardly fulfills any of the criteria for good boba tea that I laid out when I began this quest. I had to wait ten minutes for it, which is ridiculous since the place wasn’t even busy, and when I finally received it my hopes were not high — the color is very light. But I was a convert from the first gulp.

Even though this version of boba tea is not at all what I look for in a good boba tea, it is really good in a unique way. The tea is interestingly floral, light and refreshing while still feeling creamy. The bobas are wonderfully bouncy, chewy and cooked well. In a typical boba tea I would have said they were on the sweet side, but they work very well with the delicate flavor of the milk tea. This was the first cup of boba tea on the quest that I finished completely.