Schmoops and I are on a mission to discover at least one great restaurant in Chicago every weekend, and so far we are on a ROLL.

We went to Chicago Q a couple of weeks ago and it completely changed Schmoops’ mind about pickles. He is OK with pickles on burgers etc but has never understood how some people can just eat pickles by themselves. Well now he does, and he has joined our ranks, scarfing down at least half the bowl of complimentary bread and butter pickles they laid out for us. I really like the complimentary bbq chips and pickles, which are useful if you’re dining alone (or you’re trying to save some money) and only get one main course, it lends variety to the meal.

We had a full rack of St. Louis style ribs for our main course, which we chose over the baby backs for the sole reason that they cost 2 dollars less. Plus most of the stuff we looked up online about the great St. Louis vs baby back debate made it sound like St. Louis ribs are better. They take longer to cook, but since we’re eating out, who cares. The ribs come with four sauces, which is fantastic. The ribs were delicious and succulent even  eaten plain, which is notable.

Our side dishes were somewhat disappointing. I ate my first fried green tomato and didn’t think much of it. The crust was definitely fried very well, but the flavor of the tomato itself was nothing special. The bacon cheddar hush puppies were a letdown, although the chipotle mayo sauce they came with was good. The hush puppies themselves didn’t have a great texture, they were too dense. There wasn’t much bacon cheddar flavor to them either. We chose poblano corn bread to go with our ribs, and that was pretty good. Probably should have gotten honey butter corn bread instead, since the small dollop of honey butter on top of the corn bread was the best part.

We will definitely come back here though, and try some different side dishes with our delectable ribs and pickles. Service was great, and when our server noticed how much we liked the pickles and chips he packed some extra for us to take home. I accidentally heated up the potato chips in the oven the next day and they were even better than they were the night before.

Verdict: Good stuff.