Chicken is good. Korean food is good. Perfectly fried succulently dark-meated chicken slathered in Korean inspired sauce is gooooooooooooooooood.

For people that are accustomed to the rather small wings that some places like Buffalo Wild Wings serve (don’t get me wrong I still love Buffalo Wild Wings’ sauces), be warned that you will get about three times the amount of food you expect, because one wing at Crisp means the entire wing from the chicken’s armpit to its wingtip. Also I don’t know what sort of mutant chickens they are serving over there, because they have some of the biggest wings I have ever seen. Next time maybe instead of ordering wings I’ll order half a chicken. I suspect it will be the size of a small turkey.

We tried the Crisp BBQ and Seoul Sassy sauces, both were excellent with Seoul Sassy maybe just a TINY bit better. The way that the sauces coat the ever so crisp skins is simply marvelous.

We also tried their bibimbap but it wasn’t that great, I can make better bibimbap at home. Although that does remind me that I really must find a place to get some delicious japchae. Next week!

Verdict: Chicken Heaven.