We went to Lillie’s Q to get our BBQ fix on the 4th of July, it was great. I freely admit that for me, BBQ is mostly about the sauce; I don’t tend to go into raptures over just the quality of the meat. I mean it’s important for sure, but assuming that most places can make pretty decent meat, it’s all about the sauce from there.

Sauces at Lillie's Q

With the except of the Ivory and the E.N.C which are terrible, I would pay good money for these sauces, even the ranch dressing for the fried pickles was delicious. Maybe there’s somebody out there who likes vinegar based sauces but not us. Having four pools of sauces on your plate and dipping succulent meats into them = Fun.

Succulent meats from Lillie's Q

We got the tri-tip, pulled pork, and ribs. The tri-tip is the best vehicle for sauce and is really good in its own right. The pulled pork was pretty good. The ribs were dry but I have to admit they had an excellent dry rub. Too bad the meat was ruined, and the bones were very lean. The fried pickles were excellent, the batter was quite awesome. The green beans with bacon were cooked very skillfully but could have used more salt.

I wish Lillie’s Q and Chicago Q would have a baby. The baby should have Chicago Q’s amazing meat and pickles, and Lillie’s Q’s side dishes and sauces. And the sauces would be served the way Chicago Q serves them, in bowls instead of bottle dispensers, because getting those sauces out of those bottles was a pain in the ass.