I decided the best way to go about my quest for good boba tea was to just hit every Chinese restaurant that serves boba tea. I just moved to a new apartment one subway stop away from Chinatown, so I think I have all my meals planned out for the next few months. Today I went to My Place Chinatown, Da Cheng Xiao Ju, Big City Small Gathering Place.

Their boba tea is pretty intriguing. I ended up liking it a lot, but at first taste both the tea and the boba seemed far too sweet. I still think that drinking the entire 20 oz serving ($3.25) will reduce your life expectancy. It’s exactly the color of cardboard (this is a good thing, that’s about as deeply colored as milk tea can be) and the tea is so strong my tongue is tingling. All the ice has melted at this point and I don’t think the color has lightened at all. The flavor is unique, I think it is made with condensed milk which would also explain the richness of it. If you like very sweet drinks this is quite good, but I wouldn’t get the boba, they are overcooked. I kept trying to take pictures of it that represented the color well but couldn’t, so you don’t get to see.

I had sauteed string beans and white cut chicken for dinner, which were both surprisingly good. The chicken was cooked well, and had that nice layer of gelatinized juices you want in this dish. Behold:



I like my white cut chicken a little bit undercooked, but Health Codes, I guess. Still very good, especially with some sriracha and ginger dipping sauce. It’s a good thing there was nobody sitting near me or they would have had to listen to my periodic “Hm!”s as I chomped away. I downed more than half the dish (half of a half of a chicken) before I remembered I was supposed to save some for Schmoops. This dish is about as simple as it gets, you just rub a chicken with salt, stuff it with aromatics, and poach it, so if a place can make it flavorful it’s a pretty good sign. My string beans were also done very well, cooked through with a flavorful sauce, just starting to caramelize, but still retained a good texture and fresh green color. The slivers of onion were delicious and crispy, and minced pork never hurts.


I’m really glad I decided to eat here on a whim. I was originally on my way to Sweet Station and this isn’t the prettiest restaurant, but it’s not bad at all.