Like most breakfast places in America, this place makes normal people think “Do you really need all that food? Really?” It’s pretty tasty though. About twice a year I do get a random urge to gorge on pancakes and waffles and all that kind of crap, and it’s just not the same if you make it yourself instead of having it served to you on a two-foot diameter plate with three kinds of syrup.

The signature Apple Pancake, while delicious, is obscenely huge. Schmoops ate almost the entire thing, which was terrifying. I think it’d be a great idea for them to make a miniature version of this dish, because then you’d get the nice crispy caramelized edges without quite so much of the soggy eggy middle, and the apples would be just as good. I had eggs florentine, which comes with a side of potato pancakes. I had no desire to eat the potato pancakes. The eggs florentine were great though, with a good ratio of crackly bacon bits to veggies, plus the hollandaise sauce was done well. Prices here are OK. Especially since four people could make a reasonable breakfast out of the Apple Pancake.

Verdict: Definitely satisfies incomprehensible urges to gorge oneself on decent breakfast foods.