It’s wonderful to live in a city with a ducky place again. 2.5 years in Madison where the Chinese restaurants put duck on the menu and then tell me that they don’t actually have it, sorry … well it was depressing every time. When I walked past Sun Wah’s window the goods were right there in plain sight. Succulent dark amber roasted ducks ready for obliteration consumption.

It was very good. I tried some other things but it was most the duck I cared about. A good portion of the fat was rendered out during roasting, leaving the skin crispy. The meat was pretty moist and the duck was plump. The only thing lacking was the duck sauce. They serve their meats with hoisin, with sweet and sour and mustard sauce available on request.

Aside: I really miss the awesome duck sauce they serve at most duck places on the west coast. It tastes like a mixture of plum sauce,  sweet and sour sauce, and … pineapples. This sauce probably about 30% of the reason I like roast duck in the first place.

We also tried the roast pork, which was very interesting. The skin was crunchy almost like they managed to make fried pig skin while the skin was still attached to the pork. The meat could have been juicier, but it was pretty good nonetheless. Finally, we had sauteed Shanghai qin cai, which was cooked incredibly well. The veggies were crisp and juicy, and well seasoned. They were cooked so perfectly that even after I was full I kept eating them just for the sensation of chewing them. Oh, and we had some Singapore noodles that were not good. They were sooo bland.


Verdict: I’ll be back.