Sweet Station has the best milk tea so far. It was sweet but not cloyingly so, and the tea was almost too strong for me. This is the best milk tea I have had in Chicago to date. Sadly, the bobas were an overcooked travesty. The bottom of the cup was littered with tiny bits of tapioca that were flaking off the bobas, which felt and tasted awful. I would definitely come here just for the milk tea though, which is a pretty good deal at $2.75 sans boba.



For dinner I ordered their BBQ Two Ways, choosing the Princess Chicken and Roast Duck. Gawd I am so boring these days.


Then again, how can I resist delicious poultry? Sadly nothing on this beautiful plate lived up to my expectations. The vegetables may look perfect but they were soft and I don’t think there was a single granule of salt in them. The princess chicken was nowhere near as skillfully prepared as the version I ate at My Place Chinatown. The duck was mediocre, but I inhale all duck. The worst part was that they didn’t give me any sauce. I have to have sauce, it’s a psychological Thing. I have almost nothing in the kitchen, but I mixed together chili-garlic sauce, sriracha, and honey and it turned out … palatable. In the end I ate all the meat, because $8 is $8, but I would prefer not to pay for these things again.