All hail the first Mexican restaurant that doesn’t have an awful webpage.

Anyway this place never disappoints. It’s the best value for anything I’ve seen in Chicago so far, and everything we’ve had here has been mighty tasty. The portions can be pretty gigantic, which I don’t think is a good thing. For instance, you can get a Super King burrito for … some paltry sum of money. It’ll be about a foot long and five inches in diameter and impossible to fit in your mouth. Anytime you take a bite you’ll only manage to get one or two of the ingredients at a time and you’ll realize that, childish pleasure derived from getting an absurdly good deal aside, this really isn’t very practical. Better to get the Junior burrito instead, which will still leave you stuffed to the gills, but you can actually taste all the fillings at once.

This place has exceptional ground beef. I usually never order beef, but Schmoops took a chance on a beef burrito and we were both very impressed with the quality and taste. Other things I like here are the enchiladas, and adding pickled jalapenos to my burritos.

Verdict: Pretty Awesome.