Today I went through all the blogs I frequent and thumbed through their blogrolls, if they had one. I found nothing particularly memorable except for Noble Pig. First of all, they have the word “pig” in the name, and we all know pigs are the tastiest of all earthy foods. Secondly I am wildly jealous of them.

I think they live in Oregon, but judging from their pictures they live in the land of perpetual summer. Most of the photographs are taken outdoors, under natural light, which always makes the food look even more delicious. There is an effortless quality about their posts and recipes, something that makes me feel like they just waltzed into their kitchen, glanced around, concocted something marvelous, and plated it carelessly yet beautifully. Even though I don’t think I’ll ever be able to achieve that, it makes me want to cook their recipes myself. Maybe it’ll rub off.