Take that Willy St. Co-op. Plump fresh ginger at $1.60 / lb instead of $7.00 / lb. All of it usable too, not so skinny that taking the skin off leaves no ginger to speak of. Other ridiculously cheap things available at the Asian market include non-frozen striped bass at less than $5.00 per bass, and shallots for $1.70 / lb. Their shallots always confuse me though because they have no cloves, but the flavor and aroma are undoubtedly shalloty. It’s crazy.

A few months ago The Schmoops’ #2 sister introduced me to Trader Joe’s Chevre goat cheese with honey and we’ve been addicted to the stuff ever since. Put it on a sandwich with prosciutto (Parma!) or smoked salmon, bread it in panko and pan fry it, make bruschetta with it… amazing. Honey magically removes any trace of the pungency that usually turns me off goat cheese, and makes it taste like intense vanilla yogurt with the consistency of cream cheese.

Last but not least we have almond butter. The day I had my wisdom teeth pulled I stumbled around the kitchen looking for things I could consume without unclenching my jaw, and I tried a mixture of almond butter and nutella. It was magic. I never liked almond butter before then, but almond butter + nutella would make a great crepe filling, ice cream topping, or for that matter ice cream flavor. I will try it and let you know.