Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Partly to celebrate the acquisition of employment for the coming semester and partly to ameliorate kitchen frustrations I went to in search of a kitchen scale. I absolutely need it to make macarons and my old not-that-trusty Taylor cheap ass scale broke a few days ago.

So I settled on this thing.

I am also tired of feeling like I’m going to cut my fingers every time I julienne carrots, so I thought I’d throw in a peeler.

Then I thought, you know what, I should finally buy that 12 inch Calphalon glass cover I’ve been needing forever, since The Schmoops bought me that wonderful set of nonstick skillets… but didn’t get me any covers. I’ve been using a 10 inch cover when I really needed it, and otherwise have just been making do with other pots when the skillet would have been far more suitable.

So I settled on the Calphalon 12 inch cover oh but wait wait wait — if I buy the Faberware equivalent for the same price then both the peeler and the cover are eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion…

You know how this goes. I now have 3 items eligible for 4-for the price of -3, what did you think was going to happen?

So If I were smart I’d maximize the benefit of this promotion by buying something else that was around $15, which is the lowest cost item on my list so far. So of course, I chose the Libbey Selene Cake Dome.

WTF JUST HAPPENED. Am I friggin’ insane. That’s almost three times the price of the fourth item we agreed on. Who is we. I am freaking out here.

*Hysterical Giggle*

Well, what’s done is done. Besides, look at it, it’s pretty.