So I have this internship that I recently started. And I’m going to get my Master’s this winter. All in all things are good.

So I booked this vacation in Europe. Because there is no way I’m going to enter the workforce (assuming I am able to elbow my way into the ever contracting recession crippled workforce) without going to Europe first. In Lulu Land, this is only common sense.

The best thing that could have happened was if I could have found a tour package that went to all the places I wanted to go in January, but that didn’t happen. So I chose this tour that starts in mid-February, that goes to exactly the places Schmoops and I want to go, no more, no less. With added days before and after the tour so I can pester my friends in England with boring travel stories (I added an extra day at the end of the tour for no other purpose).

There are two ways this can play out. One, I might be able to find a job that will let me start in March. In this case I will go on my tour reveling in the fact that I am traveling in beautiful early spring, when airfares are still 50% what they are in summer, in temperate climes much nicer than Wisconsin, IN FREAKING EUROPE WHOOHOO. Two, employers have plenty of people willing to pack up their school desks in late December and unpack them in the office in early January to choose from; therefore I just committed the last of my entire life savings to airfare and accommodation in Europe. In this case expect the art of the living statue to be revived as a mysterious small Asian woman is seen in various parts of Europe, in various poses so expressive of devastated catatonia that passersby are moved to tears.

For the time being, however, all I can think is … EUROPE.