I think I should start reviewing the service at restaurants from now on. Usually I just don’t give a damn, if the food gets on the table in a timely manner and I get my check at the end then I just don’t care. I’ve been watching Ramsay’s Best Restaurant on Netflix though, and man, even deficiencies I normally don’t care about seem egregious on TV. So maybe the TV is right and what I thought were little things are actually egregious!

Today I went to a place and parked in a parking ramp. I went about and took care of my business, then realized that I could get free parking in if I just go and buy something at the market that the parking ramp is joined to. I bought something cheap and had my ticket punched to verify my free parking. I felt so clever. Somewhere between the exit of the market and my car, I lost the ticket. I retraced my steps, revisited the market checkout, widened the search by a 100 yard radius in case the ticket was blown astray by a draft, and gave up half an hour later. I drove my car to the exit of the parking ramp, and pushed the “I lost my ticket” button on the machine.

And the screen displays the following message: “$50.00 fine for lost ticket”.

I slammed the car in reverse, parked the car hurriedly and sloppily, and spent the next half hour scouring my pockets, my car, my trunk, the parking facility, the market, the street outside the market, my underwear, my shoes, the rolled up cuff of my pants (I am short. Shut up), the space between the two front seats … I didn’t find the ticket.

It’s OK. Since I allocate ten dollars a day for food I think I’ll just have ham sandwiches for the next six days and call it good. Maybe seven days, if I find it necessary to buy ham for those sandwiches.