There is a kid outside riding a squeaky tricycle. She does this for hours at a time. At first I thought it was a screechy bird. Then I thought it was my ears ringing. Then I thought the aliens have come and this is a sonic attack that will disable my mind.

The maintenance crew of this apartment building seems to mow the lawn every single day. I know this because I am a bum who stays home every single day. Somehow the squeaking and the roaring build upon each other.

I kind of like The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. The recipes are ok. The pictures are like HDTV, you try to protect your eyes from being blinded while looking at them, and have long since decided that those colors don’t actually exist in the natural world. But why does she like to take pictures of her hand pouring salt into the pan? I think she is actually planning to assemble a picture book recipe collection, no words, just pictures. Why else have a picture of a cut lemon before AND after you juice it? The result is that I don’t read anything in the post, just scroll down to the end where the recipe is. Otherwise I would develop CTS from all the scrolling. It’s why I decided to put all my recipes at the top of posts, not that I’m very loquacious anyway.

Finished the first book of the Fisher King Trilogy by Tim Powers. Trying to decide whether or not American Gods did it better, inclined to say yes.