I always liked the Pacific Coast Highway. It is the most beautiful drive I have ever been on and every time is a treat. I went to San Diego along it last Friday, and during the afternoon drive back to LA I finally understood the important of HDR. Last year I took Computer Vision class and wrote a program to create high dynamic range images using a series of photos taken with different exposure times. Dr. Li (very nice man) talked about apertures and exposures, image registration and white balance, and I understood. But I didn’t really understand until Friday July 22nd at about 6 PM.

I don’t like to take pictures when I travel. Partly because all I own is a crappy Sony Cybershot camera that looks nice but doesn’t take good pictures. But I feel that even if I had a six thousand dollar camera and accompanying lenses and gear like a certain friend of mine, it would still be impossible to capture more than a paltry echo of the beauty of the real world. I looked out at the rippling ocean with rays of light and patches of shadow dappling its surface, a rough moire of blue green gray. The sun was playing hide and seek amongst the clouds, the gentle curve of the shore seemingly cradling it all. I looked down at the camera in my lap and just laughed. It would have been an insult to try to take a picture.