Yesterday was incredibly busy for me (I felt like an important person). I got up, made cookie dough, watched the Harry Potter movie, took my Chinese cousin to one of the newer swankier Las Vegas buffets (expensive and mediocre, wasn’t my idea), built a computer for my friend, took my Chinese cousin to a tapas bar (pretty damn good), and drove to three different stores before I found one that was open in order to procure something for my very freaking picky Chinese cousin.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter movie and will be writing a review of it later to take my mind off the three wisdom teeth I had pulled today. I was going to go to my friend’s house to do a post birth check-up on the new computer but I wildly underestimated how much pain I was going to be in. Apparently having one wisdom tooth pulled in your early twenties is not comparable to having three pulled in your mid-twenties. Thank god for Vicodin. House makes sense now.

It’s a real shame that I can’t go check up on my baby, because he’s so beautiful. Every time I work with an Antec case, with their huge, abundant, silent fans and elegant design, I swear I’m going to get one for myself; but then of course when I build a computer for myself I scrimp and get something really cheap with mail in rebates. But it still has to look good, because I have severe computer vanity issues. But yeah, you can hardly hear this computer running, and it has removable dust filters (!!). Plus it’s got blue LEDs, serious win. Ah well, next time I build myself a computer I might have a real job, so I won’t shortchange myself.