Today we crossed the Apennines into Umbria. The weather was awesome, and by the time we got to Rome in the afternoon it was in the high sixties. We made a stop in the town of Assisi, of St. Francis of Assisi fame. This was one of those stops that you would never make if you were touring independently on your own, but it was a really great place to go nevertheless. Built on the side of a hill, the view from the Franciscan mother church at the top of the town was fantastic.

View of Umbria from Franciscan mother church atop Assisi.

We had lunch up here, which was another delicious Italian sandwich and some chocolate we got back in the Czech Republic.

In Rome we stayed at a hotel close to the Borghese Gardens, specifically close to the part of it that houses the Borghese Gallery. It seemed to be a very nice, affluent neighborhood. Roman apartments usually have large balconies that the people like to decorate with lots of potted plants and flowers, it’s very beautiful. We went out and saw the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain and had our first taste on this trip of what a really big city with tons of tourists feels like. Just tons of people milling around the same places taking pictures of the same things. Including us.

Dinner tonight was mostly very good. The melon and prosciutto was great because the melon was super sweet and juicy. I didn’t care for the bruschetta but most people thought it was OK. We had two different pasta courses, one a rigatoni with sausage in cream sauce, and a lasagna. The rigatoni was good, even though the presentation sucked, but the lasagna had too many layers of pasta and not enough sauce, plus it was overcooked.