It is now one week into our trip to Europe, and the first time the hotel has offered free internet. Joy.

Today we checked into the hotel, the Crestfield by St. Pancras, and for the first time truly appreciated how precious space is in the bustling City of London. Our room consisted of a bed shy of an American double or full, one foot of clearance along the sides of the bed, a bathroom the size of my writing desk at home, and about four glorious square feet of clearance by the door. But hey, for 65 pound a night I am not complaining. The only thing cheaper than that is a hostel with a shared bathroom.

Shared bathroom vs. Not shared bathroom. Not shared bathroom wins with a K.O.

I liked staying in the St. Pancras area and highly recommend it to anyone visiting London, because it’s a step away from … anyplace worth visiting in London. There are countless tube and bus connections in the area and a decent bed and breakfast is always a good value. Plus our friends Yem and Dreyll live a few minutes away, and they fed us absurdly well while we were there, and Ebis gave us a great pub recommendation for the one night we were on our own.

These are aliases. No one actually names their kids Ebis and Yem and Dreyll. With the possible exception of anyone of obscure nationalities I have just offended.

Dinner this night: Yem’s delicious homemade pizza with well risen well flavored crust, perfectly crisp golden brown. And cake.