I think this was our best day in London. After an unexpectedly
awesome breakfast at our hotel (which they charge 17 pounds for
but which was included with our tour) we headed out to St. Paul’s
Cathedral. This is the most beautiful confined space I have ever
been in. I may or may not have taken pictures of the Jesus Chapel,
High Alter, and some of the ceiling. Visitors may or may not be
allowed to take any pictures inside the building. Atheists may or
may not have been converted just so they could go in there every
day for free.

The original plan was to head to the Tower Of London after this
since they are only 5 minutes away from each other. After we
arrived at the Tower we were surprised by how BIG the entire
complex is, since we had been told that “there isn’t much left of
it”. Assuredly, much of the complex has been rebuilt, but in the
original style, and it very much looked like a fortification. A
Don’t Try To Invade This Castle Bitches You Will Fail Horribly
type of place. There was a ring around it that was very deep, like
it could have been a moat, but at the bottom was grass that looked
like it could have been a jousting feasting etc ground. We won’t
know because we didn’t go in. Even with our 2FOR1 voucher 20
pounds is a freaking lot of money, plus the queue for tickets was
horrendous. So far, 8 days into this trip, this is the only place
we had to face a queue for tickets.

So we just took pictures and went on to Borough Market instead, by
way of London Bridge. This was a great decision, because Borough
Market was fantastic and if we had gone into the Tour we would not
have had enough time. Everything looked and smelled fabulous. I
got Yem a bottle of killer apricot balsamic glaze, and Schmoops
and I ate various treats while perusing the stalls. After we had
seen almost everything we were desperate for a place to sit down,
and finally found a bench next to a small restaurant selling
Middle Eastern themed sub sandwiches. And we promptly regretted
eating all the other things we had before, because it made us just
full enough that we couldn’t justify buying one. But the entire 20
minutes we sat there was torture. The queue for this place wrapped
around the side of its building, so we didn’t have enough time to
stand in line since Dreyll had offered to give us a bit of a tour
and it would have made us late. So we just sat there as person
after person ordered the most delicious smelling sandwiches and
topped them with things from the condiment bar. Even the
condiments looked fantastic, with harissa and cilantro and salsa
verde and …

Suffice it to say that the next time we are in London we are
getting a sandwich here straight off the plane.

Vendors at Borough Market

Full of regret, we made our way to Lincoln Inn, to begin our tour
of the Royal Courts of Justice. I think Dreyll could be a tour
guide (for this little area at least since she is a barrister so
she knows it rather well), her route flowed well and her stories
were interesing, and she knew everything important about the
history of the justice system and various cool stories. After the
tour we went back to Yem and Dreyll’s place, where Yem was
preparing “Sunday Lunch”, which consists of roast beef, potatoes,
veg of some sort (braised leeks for tonight) and yorkshire
pudding. And some divine gravy. It was pretty fantastic. The
potatoes in particular exceeded expectations for your average
roast potato, he tells me the secret is Goose Fat.

Goose fat. Good luck even FINDING that for sale in Wisconsin. The
stuff is magic.

Having people to hang out with and recommend things and take you
to curry restaurants and cook you dinner is heaven. London was
fantastic. On to the Continent!

*** London 2FOR1 vouchers from daysoutguide.co.uk saved us 15
pounds today for St. Paul’s Cathedral, and would have saved us 20
pounds if we had decided to go into the Tower of London.