This was a light activity day, mostly traveling. We stopped in
Nuremberg and Joe gave us a overview of the history of the place.
It seemed to me like Nuremberg was actually a place at the
forefront of whatever was going on in history at the time. The
Holy Roman Emperors lived there for a time, during the Renaissance
it was a center of art, and later the Nazis emerged there, and now
it’s a technology and industry hub. Very progressive place,

In the afternoon we took a cruise down the Rhine. It was raining when I boarded the cruise, then after it started moving I went up to to take pictures and found out it had miraculously stopped raining. I am lucky like that. Also, they should call this not the Rhineland cruise, but the Castle cruise, because that is all you can see in every direction: castles castles castles. Pretty fantastic.

Then we just drove and drove, getting closer to Prague.

The included dinner was boring, and consisted of (ok fine, a very delicous) potato soup, turkey with gravy, spaetzle and veg, and (ok fine, a pretty delicous) dessert was berries in coulis and cream.