Today we set off for Versailles on our own, because we didn’t want to pay 65 euros per person to go with the tour group. On our own, we spent about 30 euros total for both of us, including transportation, since in the winter Versailles has a 2 for 1 sale on tickets. It was pretty cool, but honestly we both liked Schonbrunn better. After getting back to the city we went to Notre Dame and then hit up an Eric Kayser bakery for lunch before meeting our tour group. You know how I keep saying “I’ve never had real XXXX before this trip”? Well, we’ve never had real french bread before this trip. Which is why Schmoops used to say he’s not really into french bread and baguettes, but he won’t be saying it anymore. We had some fantastic sandwiches, delicious potato salad, and solid creme brulee. I liked their version of creme brulee because they managed to get the caramalized top super thin and evenly bruleed, something I can never seem to do. I should start using superfine sugar for it I guess. The inside could have been baked more in my opinion, but I like my creme brulee firmer than most. The flavor was great though, and had tons of vanilla bean in it.

In the afternoon we went to Montmartre, and spent some time in the village looking at people getting portraits or caricatures done. The stained glass in Sacre-Coeur was incredibly unique, because it was all done quite recently. But whereas all the recent (100 year old-ish) stained glass we’ve seen before still conforms to the look of much older stained glass, the artists here didn’t want to conform. The images are very modern looking, I don’t know the proper terms though. Expressionistic? Surrealistic? They reminded me of Picasso.

This evening we had our farewell dinner for the tour, and it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC AND THE BEST MEAL ON THE TRIP.

Epic duck confit

See this duck? It is epic duck. It was so delicious I am not going to describe it, it would just kill you. Everything else was delicious too. Do you understand how rare it is for us to have a meal and have no complaints or comments or suggestions about it? DO YOU???

This meal redeemed French food, which we had dismissed as overrated.